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Thank You

Today started out like a regular Thursday for me- morning appointments with clients, then planning to have lunch with Dad before returning to work to meet with afternoon clients.  Dad said last night he wanted to eat at a sort of underground pizza place.  He was craving “sweet pizza”. Spinners Pizza might be known as …


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The Next Revolution will Start with Chips & Salsa

If you follow my blog, you know that I have a weekly tradition of going out to lunch with my Dad, when he’s in town for his Vet Center visits.   Over the past six weeks, these lunches have expanded to include several other Veterans that are from his group.  They are all Vietnam Vets, …

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FOOD (one of our favorite topics!)

When you read the book *coming out in December- woot!*, you’ll notice Dad talks a LOT about the food in Vietnam. He goes into the Army provided rations, the local fruits and vegetables and the taco stand.  Yes, the taco stand.  In Vietnam. So during our usual Thursday lunch meeting, I suggested a new place. …

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