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I’m officially old

I haven’t got the AARP card application in the mail YET, but I got the second closest indicator of oldness- a Facebook invite to my 20 year high school reunion in October. Now I can do math (a fact that’s debatable if you’ve been to board game night with me and watched me struggle to …


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Catching Up and Preaching ?!!?

If you’ve followed my blogs in the past, I’m always apologizing in the March/April time frame and telling you that it’s my busiest time of year. It really is.  (Crap, typing “blogs” made me realize I haven’t written on my Square One blog in forever.  I’ll remedy that soon enough.) This year, instead of chairing …

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My search for the elusive, probably nonexistent, perfect gift

Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? If you have, chances are, you might have attended a chaplain’s marital retreat, marriage counseling, or some kind of couples/marital focused retreat or seminar.  If you haven’t feel free to click that link. I have been on enough Strong Bonds (chaplain’s) retreats to be able to recite …

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An Uphill Battle

As”Walk Season”* ends for me on Saturday, I find myself with something I haven’t experienced in a few months- free time! Despite the waiting list at my office, the planets must have aligned, because I actually have six hours without patients today.  (Spring Break has a lot to do with this). I found myself itching …

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