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No, we can’t cancel Christmas this year.

I’ve been hearing this A LOT this year from colleagues, clients, random people in the street.  This idea of canceling Christmas isn’t new.  There’s a movie about it, and even when I googled “Cancel Christmas” to fact check that there was indeed a movie about it, my hits were all blog posts “Why We Canceled …

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An Open Letter to Children of Combat Veterans (take 2)

Happy 4th of July Weekend! I remember being a child and loving this weekend.  It was the best weekend of summer!  I was already well established into my sleeping in late/staying up late, lounging around, playing outside and swimming schedule, so 4th of July just meant parties!  Parties and Fireworks- and food! There will be …

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Purple Up- Military Children

When I was growing up, I had to walk to school two miles, barefoot in the snow.   No, just kidding.  Fair warning: this is a “when I was growing up” story though. When I was growing up in the 80’s/90’s there was no focus on the Military child or even the Military family. Soldiers …

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