A new experience

I am no stranger to grant writing.  I took a class on grant writing in graduate school.  I took a 2 week seminar on how to read, apply for and decode government grants (don’t try to write a government grant if you want to keep your sanity).  October has become “grant season” for me.  I work (as a contactor) for a local non profit that has been applying for any and every grant we come across for our program.  I see qualifications, letters of intent and budgets in my sleep.

Today, however, I did something a little different.  I finished my first grant for myself.  I’m applying for a local literary grant to help with the costs of writing a book. (Who knew all of the money that goes into writing a book?!?).

At first, I wasn’t going to share the fact that I was applying for the grant publicly.  I felt that was like changing your relationship status prematurely on Facebook- if the relationship doesn’t work, you have to go through the humiliation of changing it back to “single” and enduring all of the questions and “supportive” comments.

This is not a relationship though.  This is part of the book writing process, in a way.  I need to be proud of the what I’ve accomplished, even if I’m not awarded the grant.  (Cross your fingers for me, ok?)


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