Pro tip from an amateur

If it is 9 degrees Fahrenheit in North Carolina, where anything under 45 degrees makes people don parkas, gloves, muffs, 7 pairs of pants and 9 sweatshirts, you will probably drink a LOT of coffee to stay warm.

After about the 6th cup you will realize why you normally limit yourself to “2 or 3 a day”.  You will want to run a marathon. (That will quickly pass unless you can find a 26 mile indoor course.)  You will also not need to blink, and then your last few items and appendices and graphics and everything you’ve been putting off since early December will get to your editor a day before you promised them.

Your manuscript will be complete.  All of it.  You will wait on pins and needles for feedback from the editor, because you can’t sleep.

I hope it makes sense, Kathleen 🙂

Pro tip: When your deadline is approaching, caffeine is your friend!


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