I no longer think I’m going crazy…

I know it!

I would have bet large sums of money that a year or two ago, I wrote an open letter to all Children of Combat Veterans for 4th of July.  My plan was to re-post that today.  I have now looked on my 2 wordpress blogs (one of which I forgot existed), 2 hard drives and 3 facebook accounts.  Alas, no letter.

I have some theories about this.

1) It was all a really vivid dream

2) It was so spot on, that the government didn’t want to anyone to read it and erased it from all of my computers.

3) Aliens.  (This should be on all lists of conspiracies)

I wanted to text a client of mine to ask her if she remembered the letter, because I remember discussing it openly with her in a counseling session.  But what if THAT too, was a vivid dream?

Can’t have my clients thinking I’m crazy!  I have one more hard drive to check, then if I can’t find I, I will try to remember and re-write it because I think it’s really worth mentioning.


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