Dreaming of my book- literally.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an anxiety based dream.  One of those dreams were (despite the fact that you graduated two years ago, in real life) you get a letter from the registrar’s office saying that you have been absent to a class that you never remembered signing up for.  Due to the fact that you have accumulated so many absences in this forgotten class, you are now not eligible for graduation. You panic, maybe even break down in the dream.  Then you wake up, realize that you’ve been out of school for years, and relax a bit.

No? I’m the only anxious person around here.  Let’s hope so.

Over the weekend, I had my first anxiety based dream about the book (Finding Peace with PTSD). It’s nice to be able to say the name of the book.  Anyway, I digress.   I dreamed that a person that previously did not want any involvement in the book, now wanted to be involved.  I interviewed them and typed everything up.  I was so happy until I realized that this meant this part now had to be edited, corrected and sent to the publisher, which would ultimately slow down my release date.   I’ve already approved the final edits!  Now I have to add all this new work- oh no!

I was mentally composing the apology email to the publisher, with new material attached, when I woke up.  Phew!

I will update you when I know more, but no last minute additions or edits, I promise!


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