When you don’t know what you’re doing, ask the pros.

Even though “When you don’t know what you’re doing, ask the pros” is the title of this blog, it is really a summation of the process of writing this book.

You’ve heard me say/read my statement that I don’t consider myself an author (slowly trying to change that thought) but I’ll explain how this book came about.

It all started with a statment made in counseling, by one of my Military dependents.  That led to the idea that I might need to write a brief article about living with a combat Veteran that suffers from PTSD- what to expect, some suggestions, some resources.  This snowballed when I started doing research and decided to incorportate my experience of living with a combat Vet with decided PTSD, long before PTSD was even a term.

Bring in the first pro: My friend, mentor, published author Sharon C. Williams.  She has several published children’s books, and always has projects going- from more children’s books, to YA fiction, to non fiction.  She seemed the perfect person to navigate me through this process (and she was!) Sharon’s official site

Then you need an editor.  Or in my case, five.  I used three technical editors- one for the “PTSD side” of the book- Pat Rachmat, retired LCSW and an awesome therapist, mentor and person; and two for the “Military side” of the book- my husband Armando, a 7 year USAF Vet, a Military Channel addict, a military nerd, and overall smart guy.  There was also my cousin Scott Wells, a retired Army Veteran that had seen combat, a current police office, and someone with the amazing ability to be able to translate military lingo.

I had a “pre editor”- Heather Sokoloski who lovingly offered to read my work before submitting it to the “real” editor, so I wouldn’t look like a fifth grader that ate glue. Heather is an amazing teacher and has the patient of 52 saints.  Seriously.

On to the copy editor- Kathleen Zahran, a friend’s “little sister”, that has made a great business out of editing things! She helped me present the best manuscript possible (and bio, and long bio, and website, etc) to my publisher.

My publisher Nancy Medina is ready to be a mother, given her ability to multitask, quiet/calm screaming, anxiety-ridden people (ie, authors) and still turn out a great product/project.  She looked past the shortcomings and saw potential, and for that I’m grateful. Nancy’s Publishing Site

One would think that now that the book is officially “live”, all this is over.  The marketing doesn’t end though.  As I prepared for my first signing/release party my friend, Alice Ascher, let it slip that she has helped with many of Louise Hay’s * book signings at Hay House conferences.  Well, HELLO!  Louise Hay!  Surely, I can listen to Alice’s advice!  She gave me the details of how I will want the event to flow, how to position the room and even the detail to use post its to ensure proper spelling of names for signatures.

That being said, all of you real authors out there, I’m looking for suggestions as to what to enscribe, as well as any preferred pens (type/brand) you favor for signings. Feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you to all of the amazing people that made (and continue to make) this book successful.

*Louise Hays is a well known author and founder of Hay House.  I use her daily affirmations and some of her other work daily in my therapy sessions. Official Louse Hay site


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