A post about my mom

I know that the main focus of my book (and thus, this blog) is my dad, but my mom is pretty remarkable too.

She joined the Army in 1974 when it was still the Women’s Army Corps. (WAC)

Yes, they wore skirts during basic training. (I didn’t know this until  I started research for my book).  They were also tough, bad ass women.  I mean, today, women in the Army are pretty common, especially now that they are allowed in  combat positions.  In ’74, not so much.

She went enlisted as a information specialist (now known as PAO, or Public Affairs Office), mostly writing for the newspaper, stationed at Ft. Bragg for two years before deciding to go to Officer Candidate School at Ft. McClellan, Alabama (no longer in existence) then Officer Basic at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana (also, no longer in existence).  She was taught the skills to be an Adjutant General  Officer  (personnel administration and management).  She was then sent to Ft. Jackson, SC (still in existence, where little sis went to Basic Training) where in true Army style, she did NOT perform AG work, she was a training officer/executive officer for female basic training.

She transferred to Ft. Bragg after marrying Dad in 1977, and was assigned to 1st Corps Support Command (Coscom, now called “East Bragg” or Theater Sustainment Command).

She went into the Reserves in 1980, after having me, and continued to serve in the Army Reserves until 2004 (30 years), retiring as a LTC (Lieutenant Colonel).

Mom served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, as a Mortuary Affairs Officer (if you’re wondering where I get my morbid sense of humor from, there’s your answer!)

I just wanted to take Mother’s Day to tell everyone that I’m just as proud of my mom as  I am of my dad.  While she might not be a Combat Vet, she overcame all sorts of challenges in the early years of her career, and went on to be pretty amazing.  “Your Mother wears combat boots” has never been an insult to me.  I’d always reply “yeah, and she can kick your wussy mom’s a$$!”

(This pic is of Mom, as a 1LT in 1978 or 1979)



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