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Let’s start over- a lesson on the Missing Man Table and respect in general

So my hometown kind of has a bad rep- Fayettenam, The Ville (or Da Ville, if you prefer), Fayetteville is known for it’s “go go dancers and car lots” as my one LCAS supervisor used to say.  (“Go Go dancers” is putting it mildly.) Over the past few years, there has been a small group of people …

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The Vietnam Experience

This past weekend, I had the chance to visit Patriot’s Point in Charleston, SC (actually, Mt. Pleasant, SC).  I guess you would say the “main attraction” of Patriot’s Point is the USS Yorktown, a large aircraft carrier that survived several battles during WWII.  It has a fascinating history, and it can take all day to …

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FOOD (one of our favorite topics!)

When you read the book *coming out in December- woot!*, you’ll notice Dad talks a LOT about the food in Vietnam. He goes into the Army provided rations, the local fruits and vegetables and the taco stand.  Yes, the taco stand.  In Vietnam. So during our usual Thursday lunch meeting, I suggested a new place. …

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