It’s been a while, but when lightning strikes…

I should have scrolled back to see when my last post was.  I really should have.  I am kind of scared to, because I am afraid that the year in “18” instead of “19” and that is just… well, there’s no excuse for that.  Despite working 4 jobs, 3 jobs? (I’m not sure how to count these two part time as needed jobs)  I do have time in my life to  blog.  Maybe not as much time as mommy bloggers, but still, there is time.

Ok, so moving on, what is new… I went to a 6 day training in Sedona, Arizona in May for Complex PTSD (C-PTSD). Fascinating stuff.  Both C-PTSD and the treatments for it are fascinating it, I mean. I’m already implementing the treatments in therapy with several clients and things seem to  be going well.

What made me remember that I have a blog and that I haven’t written in it in few months (at least)?  We (husband and I) were at Mom and Dad’s for an Independence Day cookout.  First, Mom and I had to go see Aladdin.  Confession, this was my third time seeing the live action Aladdin with Will Smith.  It just keeps getting better, seriously.

Anyway, on the way home from the movies, it was thundering and lighting. The rain was coming.  Mom said to me, “you better call your father and tell him to start the burgers now before the rain comes.”  Just as she said that, this huge streak of lightning went across the sky.  “We can wait Mom.  I’m sure no one is starving.” I assured her. “It’s not worth Dad getting struck by lightning over.” I was sort of joking, but serious too.

She’s driving and just casually says “Yeah, I guess you’re right, we don’t want him to get struck by lightning again.”

“AGAIN?  When was Dad struck by lightning?” How come they don’t tell me important things, but will call to discuss gas prices with me, and how much rain Dad’s new rain gauge has collected.

“Oh, in Vietnam. I only know  because he had to tell the heart doctor.   We think it’s why his heart skips.” She’s still super cool about all of this.

My takeaway “oh awesome, Dad’s got arrhythmia and has been struck by lightning, and how the f&*k did not make the book?”

So when we got home I asked him about it.  Dad and his soldiers were laying lines when a storm rolled in. (This was his first tour)  Not wanting anyone to get hurt, Dad sent his two soldiers to the truck.  As he radioed to nearby soldiers to let them know the situation he happened to be leaning against the switchboard they were installing.  Lightning struck the wire, traveled along the line, and hit the switchboard. He was knocked backwards, against the wall of the bunker, about five feet away.  Dad says he doesn’t remember what happened, just that a medic was over him with smelling salts and he felt tingly and numb at the same time,   They took him to an in country hospital for observation overnight.  “That was the best part, I got a long shower and clean clothes.” When he was released the next day, he was sent back to his unit with his release paperwork buttoned to his shirt, clearing him to return to duty.  A far cry from the electronic medical records of today.

This explained why my dad was so freaked out when we were younger and on the phone during storms.  I never believed that lightning could actually through lines, I thought it was more of a myth or urban legend. I still love a good storm, but will avoid corded phones, if any of those exist anymore.


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