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A Smart Pen that outsmarts the User.

To be fair, I don’t know if I can honestly say I’ve been procrastinating with writing.  I have been writing, just not every chance I get. Getting used to the nuances of the smart pen (and it getting used to my handwriting) hasn’t been bad.  I will say it is a lot easier to carry …

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The Revenant (the novel and the movie) and PTSD

First things first, I won’t spoil either the novel version or the movie version of The Revenant.  Second, The Revenant is not exactly my type of book or movie, but this was for one of my book clubs.  We read the book, then saw the movie, then had dinner to discuss the differences.  We had done this with Gone …

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Now what are you working on?

People have already started asking me this question.   Maybe this is a normal question in the writing world.  I know a few writers that have several projects going on at once, so maybe it’s not unheard of to already have a new project developing before your book is even published. With Finding Peace With PTSD …

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