Now what are you working on?

People have already started asking me this question.   Maybe this is a normal question in the writing world.  I know a few writers that have several projects going on at once, so maybe it’s not unheard of to already have a new project developing before your book is even published.

With Finding Peace With PTSD coming out in a few weeks, most of my focus has been on promotion.  Ordering advanced copies, trying to secure advanced readers, promoting the book itself, and trying to find local venues for signings.

That being said, several projects have been swirling around in my head since FPWP was finalized.  Three different topics (mostly of the mental health variety) have been started as non fiction works and then shelved.  I just don’t have the motivation or the fire to write them (yet).

I still feel like I am meant to do more with PTSD and Moral Injury.  While I feel like I just spent a lot of time and research on those subjects, I feel like there is more that could be said.  I also know that some people simply will never read my book because they aren’t into non-fiction.

I’ve started a novel where several of the main characters are dealing with issues surrounding Combat PTSD and Moral Injury.  On a daily basis I’m dealing with clients that have these very same issues, and they say to “write what you know.”

Writing a novel (for those of you that haven’t done it) is a completely different beast than a work of non fiction.  You have to be creative.  This isn’t just simply doing some research and reporting the facts.  I will look up to my literary influences like Wally Lamb, Matthew Quick, Allie Brosh, Jeffrey Eugenides and Gillian Flynn all of whom have paved the way for quality works with a mental health theme.

I’m excited and I’ll keep you updated.









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