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The Next Revolution will Start with Chips & Salsa

If you follow my blog, you know that I have a weekly tradition of going out to lunch with my Dad, when he’s in town for his Vet Center visits.   Over the past six weeks, these lunches have expanded to include several other Veterans that are from his group.  They are all Vietnam Vets, …


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The Vietnam Experience

This past weekend, I had the chance to visit Patriot’s Point in Charleston, SC (actually, Mt. Pleasant, SC).  I guess you would say the “main attraction” of Patriot’s Point is the USS Yorktown, a large aircraft carrier that survived several battles during WWII.  It has a fascinating history, and it can take all day to …

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FOOD (one of our favorite topics!)

When you read the book *coming out in December- woot!*, you’ll notice Dad talks a LOT about the food in Vietnam. He goes into the Army provided rations, the local fruits and vegetables and the taco stand.  Yes, the taco stand.  In Vietnam. So during our usual Thursday lunch meeting, I suggested a new place. …

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First Excerpt from “The Book” (ok, it’s a paragraph)

So many of you have wanted to read the book, but like any artiste (said, with the over accentuated accent), I don’t want to share my work until it is complete.  With a book, this takes a very, very long time.  I also HAVE to share it with certain people- editors, my writing group that …

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Putting PTSD on paper

Introductory posts are so cliché, but here I go…. I’m working on my first book (and possibly my last book).  I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by day (basically, a therapist) and I work with a LOT of Service Members with PTSD.  I even have another blog about it (shameless self promotion!) and you can …

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