First Excerpt from “The Book” (ok, it’s a paragraph)

So many of you have wanted to read the book, but like any artiste (said, with the over accentuated accent), I don’t want to share my work until it is complete.  With a book, this takes a very, very long time.  I also HAVE to share it with certain people- editors, my writing group that helps with critiques and suggestions, and my mentor.  I don’t believe ANYONE has read it cover to cover yet, even Dad.

I took today (Columbus Day) off, and planned to use it to write.  From my last writers’ meeting, I was told that the format of the first part of the book was too broken, choppy.  No one wants a choppy book, so I’m changing the format to be more flowing.  It’s essentially re-writing the first half of the book.  (And I thought this would be easy, LOL!)

As I’m re-writing and re-formatting I’m adding things.   This particular revelation came to me as I re-read one of Dad’s battle stories, one about a Soldier of his having a “freak out” when one of their squad members was hit (shot and killed).  Dad had to smack the Soldier to “snap him out of it”. Without further adieu, one whole paragraph from the book (in my words)–

“Many of my NCOs tell me that they have to go against present day Army regulations and slap, shake, etc. a Soldier that is “freaking out” or in shock, in the middle of a battle.  It makes perfect sense, you need the Soldier to get over their freak out quickly and be able to act.  To know that my Dad was able to keep a calm head in battle is impressive to me.  It also explains why, over the years and to this day, when I call him crying about something (anything from a bad day to a car accident) he will not talk to me until I’ve calmed down. He doesn’t “do” freak outs.  He is ready to dispatch advice and help, but he has no need for the emotions involved.”

Most of you are probably thinking “big deal, that’s the FIRST excerpt she wants to share?” but please understand, that’s a revelation that’s been 34 years in the making.  I would cry and call Dad to tell him I love him, but he has no need for the emotions involved 🙂



  1. Jane M. Stevens

    Joanna thank you for sharing. Please keep up the great work. I am so proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Jane. Writing this is definitely therapeutic, even though that was not the initial intent.


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