Thanksgiving, Kittens and Editing

This won’t be a blog about all of the things I’m thankful for, but I definitely could write one of those. I got to spend time with Dad- an activity I used to dread as a kid, and now relish. After watching a painful Cowboys loss, the day was over.  I am currently house sitting for Mom and Dad. And their two new kittens. NEW KITTENS!!!!! How awesome is that? How distracting is that?  Very distracting.  Guess what, Writers?  Playing with kittens is WAY more fun than editing.  It’s even more fun than writing.  (Hence the briefness of this blog post!)  I did it anyway–I finished my edits!  It’s ready to go, almost.  I decided to add another chapter contrasting some treatment modalities (fancy way to say “different types of treatment”) for PTSD patients and moral injury.  Military 101 section is still a work in progress too.  Ok, back to the distraction twins- look at those cute faces!


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