The More Things Change..

I know it has been a while since I’ve written a blog.  However, there is good news and good reason for my absence.

The book is complete, now I work on finding both an agent and a publisher. Fingers and toes are crossed!

I’ve been busy with  a few charity events lately.  The Walk to Defeat ALS took place on 28 March in our hometown, I was very pleased that my family (minus the little sis, who is now OCONUS) was able to participate.  I also had some great friends and neighbors participating as well.   As the committee chair of this event, I was VERY busy (gross understatement) for the month of March making sure things were coordinated.  Food, volunteers, photographers, logistics of the actual walk, etc.  You would never think of all the “behind the scenes” stuff that goes on at one of these events- even the small ones!

I was also able to participate in the 2nd annual All American Marathon and Mike to Mike (that’s Iron Mike) half marathon. No, don’t be daft! I didn’t run.  I was a flag holder for the wear blue:run to remember non-profit org.  (check them out if you haven’t, especially if you’re a runner, a gold star family, or just a supporter of the Military). Mom ran the half marathon and it was great to see her and cheer her on.

So, the title of this blog “the more things change…” I guess we could say they still say the same.  My relationship with Dad has definitely gotten better over the past few years.  However, I don’t think he will ever *love* my tattoos.  Saying “my tattoos” makes me sound like I’m walking around with a full sleeve (I could only dream!).  No, I’m walking around with three SMALL tattoos, all easily concealable. So I had to laugh a little when he saw the large FAKE tattoo on my arm for the Mike to Mike Marathon.  All of the flag holders wear a “wear blue:run to remember” shirt when they partake in an event.  Some go a step further and wear a wear blue hat, shorts. etc.  I like to add one of their washable tattoos.  It’s a little ritual I have.  I have started to put it on my forearm and whether I’m running (read: walking) or holding a flag it keeps me mentally focused on what I’m doing.

Dad happened to get a smart phone the day before this Marathon event.  He was having a hard time dealing with it.  I volunteered to come up after the race and look at his phone, teach him how to text and answer the phone (yes, he was missing all calls and just calling people back from the land line). After a short tutorial (the man was a commo chief, he gets it!) he was ready to go.  I even downloaded an app for him to chat with my sister while she’s on her mission.

All is going well until he sees my arm. “WHAT is on your arm?” he practically yelled at me, when he saw it.  (I’m pretty sure the “I’m 35 and it’s my body” would not win in this case.)  “Relax Dad, it’s fake! It was just for the run today!”

You could see the relief on his face.  I guess I won’t tell him about the tattoo I’m thinking about getting when the book is published, in his honor.  That can just be a surprise 🙂

PS- one of the photographers at the ALS event got a great candid shot of Dad with his arm around me. You can’t see our faces (it’s of the back of us, showing off our awesome ALS shirts).  It makes me teary to look at it.  It might be the best photo ever for our book, to help with his anonymity. I don’t want to post it yet, in case it does become an official photo, but it’s good. Trust me.


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