Dad’s 75th Birthday Extravaganza (and — I did a 5K and lived to tell about it!)

All of my friends and colleagues that are familiar with my Facebook habits (documenting my life, step by step via Facebook) always say “you’re so busy” or “you never sit still on the weekends!”.  Looking at my Facebook, one would THINK that, but I will tell you what it actually is.  I seem to have the (mis) fortune of always having 19 events happen on the same weekend.  The rest of the month will be free and clear, but every birthday, baptism, class I need to take, party, etc. will happen on one weekend.  So I look like a social butterfly as I flitter in and out of as many events as I can.

This leads me to Dad’s 75th Birthday.  He turned 75 the day my mom, sister and I left for Disney World to particpate in the RunDisney events- Princess 5K for all of us,  Princess Half Marathon for those 2 crazy people that enjoy running.  Dad’s pre birthday family celebration was cancelled due to an ice storm, that left me without power for 16 hours.  Let’s just say I was never so happy to go to Florida the next day.

After an insane 5 days of buses, running, freezing temperatures (we ran the Frozen 5K in Wear Blue:Run to Remember t-shirts— it was 30 degress in Lake Buena Vista that morning!), hot temperatures (a balmy 82 degrees just two days later) and large perfectly dressed rodents, it was back to Fayetteville for me and then two days until Dad’s party.

I did it- here’s proof! i did it frozen5kmickey

Dad’s 75th party was a blast.  He had old Army buddies (that are mentioned in the book!) from his Korea days there.  There was an open bar.  We (my husband, sister and I) surprised him with a DIY photo booth, complete with props.  It was great to see my Dad taking pictures with his former SGM in oversized sun glasses and cowboy hats!


There was a little negativity that I will choose not to focus on.  Let’s just say some important people in my dad’s life did not attend.  Whatever there reasons, I hope they understand what being at his 75th birthday would have meant to him.

Overall, it was so nice to see my Dad relaxed, enjoying himself with friends from olden days to friends that he met just last year.  For those of you that know my Dad, there are no strangers to him.  Just people he hasn’t met yet. I think that was perfectly illustrated at the party.

To be sappy and wrap it all up- thank you to my mom and little sis for getting me through that 5K with a decent time.  While at Disney, we ate breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at the O’hana breakfast.  They told us “O’hana means family and close friends.”  I think that’s exactly what Dad’s party was- O’hana! Thank you for those that came, the smiles that are on his face in every picture mean the world to me!

I think this split picture sums up my last 2 weeks of February! Then it’s Garcias with mustaches!



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