And the rejections keep rolling along…

(Sorry, US Army for taking some liberty with your song.)

Ok, seasoned writers.  The rejections are starting to roll in.  The thank you, but no thank you emails are hitting my inbox so quickly, I’m afraid I will break the internet.

How do you stay sane in the face of all the “No!”?  Do you work on a different project, do you find even more publishers, agents, etc. to submit to?  Do you visit a witch doctor and promise your 3rd born child in exchange for a publishing deal?

Seriously, y’all.  When I feel like giving up I think of all the Service Members that wanted to give up and couldn’t.  If they can march across a combat zone with 55 pounds on their back, I can surely handle rejections.

Have a great week and keep writing!


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  1. Keep at it. Your book is a wonderful tale that many could learn from.


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