Dating after 8 years of wedded bliss…

No, my sweet, sanity inducing husband didn’t leave me after all of this time (we celebrated 8 “official church years” yesterday). I feel like I’m back in the dating scene again though, specifically the online dating scene.

As my friend and mentor, Sharon, and I sit in the coffee house caffeinating ourselves, I am pouring over literary agent websites.  Apparently, with the tenacity of a 40 year old with her biological clock ticking, reading E-harmony profiles.

“Oh!” I’ll exclaim, “this one is taking new submissions! He wants non-fiction”, my voice rising with excitement. “oh, wait, it says ‘no memoirs’. Sigh. I’ll try another one.”

The rejections come in without even a first date- too short, not the right genre, or sometimes the generic “thanks but no thanks.”

“READ ME!” I want to email back to them. “at least the first few chapters.”  No, they have already moved on, eyeing the cute blonde with the cleavage shot in her profile.


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