So the edits are in…

Much to my dismay as a 1) first time writer 2) impatient person, there are MANY steps to writing.

Of course I wrote the book, then it was edited (approximately 97 times).  Then there was the agent and publisher queries (aka begging).  Then the magical moment when I got picked up.

Now the publisher has sent their edits.

“More edits?” you’re probably thinking. (If you’re a seasoned writer you’re laughing at me.)

Yes, more edits. So this makes like, 98 times the book has been edited.  I would be insulted, but we all know my tagline is “I’m not a writer” so I’m blissfully unaffected.   My goal is to have them back to the publisher by Saturday.

That was the PLAN.  I sat down around 1030 pm last night (after a full day of work) to “just glance over the RC”. (The read copy, with the edits incorporated into it.)

I shouldn’t tell you this, but I will.  I made it for about 19 pages and then I was out.  Fast asleep.  Mouth open, phone on the floor kind of sleeping.

IT IS NOT BECAUSE THE BOOK IS  BORING!  (I’m saying this part really loudly)  I think it’s the fact that it was the 900th time I had read it, 1030 pm at night, and already kind of tired.

So now I will stop procrastinating and go back to reading, while I’m wide awake!


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