Is this real life?

I was just on Amazon Smile (am I allowed to mention brands and “plug” things? I guess so! I’m not receiving any compensation and I would disclose if I ever did) buying an awesome book for one of my clients.

I was sending her the Kindle version, because that is the thing now — plus its instant.  I got a little message that said “Your recepient will receive this email within 5 minutes and will be able to download their gift immediately”.  Wow.  Faster than drones, even!

Anyway, I was sending her a Kindle copy of Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson.  Seriously people. Read this book.  Maybe not in public, because you might laugh a lot.  Then you’ll do that thing where you try NOT to laugh too much and you’ll snort.  Hypothetically, of course. You’ve been warned.

This has a point, I promise.  After my gift was sent, I realized I was in the “Kindle Store” section.  I went to close the tab and realized I had NEVER typed Finding Peace With PTSD into Amazon before.  So I did.  Guess what?!?  It is THERE!  It’s not available yet, (December 22 *ahem giant plug*) but its there!  The front cover, the back cover, sample pages!

To quote a viral video favorite “Is this real life?” It certainly feels surreal.




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  1. It has been an awesome journey with you for this book.


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