Southern Cupcakes, Coffee and Signings

How do you explain what a hummingbird cupcake (answer at end of this post) is when you’ve grown up in the south eating them?  This person (and awesome fellow writer) is from South Africa and might have thought I was serving tiny birds as a snack!

Today was my book release/signing event in my hometown.  It was fabulous.  I am exhausted, but worry that if I don’t blog about it now, I might forget something. (I still might).  I should have had a guest log so that I could be reminded of who came- it wasn’t that I wasn’t paying attention.  It was the fact that for two hours people came, went, ate cupcakes, drank coffee and wanted me to sign their books! I truly had flashbacks to my wedding–I wanted to talk to everyone, eat, write a personal message in every book and learn a little bit about each person that came- whether it was my oldest friend from Kindergarten (thank you, Anne) or somebody I was just meeting today.

The prep for this started a while ago.  I knew I wanted to host a book release party, because who knows what the future holds? I WANT to publish another book, but I can only write and cross my fingers.  I also knew the venue I wanted, because I pass it every day on my way to work and thought “ooh, I want to have an event there, someday!” Since I’m already married and a few years past Sweet Sixteen, I knew this would have to be the event. (Shout out to Erica for saying we should have a Fabulous Forty party there- with cupcakes and cocktails!)

Cupcakes were ordered- Carrot, Hummingbird and Chocolate.  Coffee was ordered. Facebook Event was posted, people were invited.  I was so busy this week, that I really didn’t have time to worry about this event until last night.  My sweet, patient husband helped me pack the car and today after a breakfast of Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole with the little Sis and the Hubs, we were at the event.

Set up went quickly- thanks to everyone that helped!!! Cupcakes were devoured- Lacy Cakes in Fayetteville is AWESOME. A story about Lacy. She apparently doesn’t have a website, but I can give you her contact info. I can also rave about the cakes, and give you intricate details of the flavors, textures and deliciousness, overall.

Coffee was strong and good!  (Thank you, Stephanie for helping drink it!)



So, Carl (thank you for all of the tweets!) a hummingbird cake does NOT in fact, contain any birds.

From Chef Jamie Oliver’s website:  The Hummingbird cake is a very unusual one. For a start, it’s made with oil rather than butter, and contains more fruit than flour. The mix doesn’t need beating, goes dynamite with a cream cheese icing and often involves spices and nuts. Contrary to the name, there are no birds in this particular recipe.  The giveaway to the Hummingbird cake’s birthplace, however, is in the key ingredients – bananas and pineapple. Hopefully you’re already thinking of the Caribbean, and it’s thought to have been invented in Jamaica, probably in the late ‘60s.

Originally, it was called the “Doctor bird cake”, a nickname for a Jamaican variety of hummingbird called the Red-billed Streamertail. The name came from the way the bird’s long beak probes flowers, like a doctor inspecting a patient. So what does that have to do with a pineapple and banana cake? Some say the cake was named after the bird because it was sweet enough to attract hummingbirds (who eat only nectar), while others say the yellow streaks of banana was reminiscent of the bird’s plumage.
So there you have it.  I will wax poetically about cake and my signing.  Thank you again to all that made this possible, and a big thank you to Mom, Dad and Sis, as well as my wonderful Husband.




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