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No, we can’t cancel Christmas this year.

I’ve been hearing this A LOT this year from colleagues, clients, random people in the street.  This idea of canceling Christmas isn’t new.  There’s a movie about it, and even when I googled “Cancel Christmas” to fact check that there was indeed a movie about it, my hits were all blog posts “Why We Canceled …

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Anti Military

I don’t consider myself as having a sheltered life.  I also don’t consider myself to have a very un-sheltered life either (there are no antonyms for sheltered that fit).  I’ve not seen combat or been in the military, but I’ve been exposed to it all of my life, grown up around it and live in …

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Southern Cupcakes, Coffee and Signings

How do you explain what a hummingbird cupcake (answer at end of this post) is when you’ve grown up in the south eating them?  This person (and awesome fellow writer) is from South Africa and might have thought I was serving tiny birds as a snack! Today was my book release/signing event in my hometown. …

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