In therapy, we call it a breakthrough

I don’t really use the term “breakthrough” when I’m with a client, unless it’s jokingly.(I also never say “and how does that make you FEEL?”- too cliche)   I do see the moments of “breakthrough” on client’s faces though- when they get the insight they’ve been blind to all along, or are able to break down a defense mechanism.  It’s kind of a “Eureka” moment. Some clients will be able to recognize that a change has taken place.  Others just feel a little lighter, like a weight has been lifted.

Often there is crying (that’s not a requirement, it can be a no tears moment).  Overall, its accessing deeper or buried feelings, recognizing cause and effect or achieving more insight, especially insight that affects their treatment goals.

I don’t know if there is a similar thing for authors.  Could a breakthrough be overcoming writer’s block?  Finally finding the exact way you wanted to phrase a thought?  The rush of the moment when you finish a chapter, or even the whole manuscript? (Before edits and rewrites, of course.)

I don’t know what to call it, but I had an author breakthrough on Sunday.  I was writing some backstory for one of my main characters and I got really caught up in the scene.  It was almost like I didn’t have to think.  As I came to the ending of the scene a tear hit my laptop.  I was crying!  Even though I was composing this, it was  so emotional it made me cry.

Now, I cry when I read certain books, but to cry while writing one? That’s hopefully a sign of good character development!


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  1. Please keep writing. I am still living near Savannah. Hope you are well.


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