Cover Reveal for my friend and mentor

Title: Everyday Musings

 Author: Sharon C. Williams

 Release Date: September 30, 2016

 Publisher: Lysestrah Press

Genre: Humor, General Fiction, Anthology, Animals, Paranormal

Book Description:


The little things in life are worth remembering.

There are moments in life that stir the senses. Moments of joy, moments of surprise, and moments that can cause great fear. Moments that cause us to reflect on the experiences we’ve encountered.

Dive into various worlds of the author’s own making. Everyday Musings is full of tales of the unexpected, heart-warming stories, and bittersweet poetry. Come in and turn the page. Discover the little things that make everyday worthwhile.

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THE LEGEND passed on down from generation to generation was what folklores were made of. It started when a couple of hunters went camping in the forest surrounding the town.

The first night was uneventful. The second night, as the two friends turned in for the night, a howling penetrated the woods. Wolves were not known to be a part of that section of the state. Thus, the sound caught them by surprise.

The two men decided to let it slide. In their minds, the howling was nothing more than a figment of their imaginations.

Several minutes later, they heard it again. The howling sounded like it was close to camp, directly from the side of their tent. Full of curiosity, they decided to check things out.

A shadow, caused by the flickering fire, was cast against the canvas of the tent. The outline filled the entire canvas, its size unknown. Before they could react, claws ripped through the material.

Not concerned with leaving anything behind, the two men bolted, hoping to make their escape. They turned along the way and caught a glimpse of a creature they had never seen before.

It stood on two legs, a small tail swishing back and forth behind it. The creature tilted its head and stared at the men. Moments later, it howled, its eyes glowing in the moonlight.

Both men ran as fast as they were able. They made it back to their truck, starting it as quickly as possible. In seconds, they were gone, leaving the unknown creature behind.

The next day, the men told anyone who would listen about their encounter. No one believed them.

Bringing the sheriff and other hunters back to their base camp, they found the camp in disarray. Things had been tossed about. The tent was tattered, and footprints that no one recognized were embedded in the mud.

The renowned hunter, Stephen Bullock, was soon sent a casting of the footprints. Even he was stumped.

From that day on, a strange howling could be heard throughout the woods.



About The Author: SCWAuthorPhoto (1)

Sharon C. Williams is a native of New England raised in Northern Maine. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son. She is also owned by a flock of six birds.

Sharon has a B. S. degree in Chemistry. She loves to read, sketch, take pictures, walk, exercise, go to the movies, and listen to music. She is a budding bird watcher, and knits on the side. She is a huge sports fan of baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. She is also a shutterbug and is always looking for the next big shot.

Two of her short stories were published in the anthology, Cassandra’s Roadhouse, and two in the Dragons in the Attic anthology, which was written by her writing group, The Wonder Chicks. Her children’s chapter book, Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure, and Jasper: Amazon Friends and Family, was released by Fountain Blue Publishing in 2013 and 2015. Her comedy novel about her war with her backyard squirrels, Squirrel Mafia, was also released in the spring of 2015.



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