So…this is awkward

How do you explain a two-year absence on your blog?

a) ignore it and just proceed like you’ve been updating it regularly

b) remind everyone your primary job is “therapist” and we’ve been in a pandemic

c) announce that at least during the pandemic you wrote a book

d) all of the above

Let’s go with D.

It has been a CRAZY two years y’all, but I don’t have to tell you that. This pandemic has touched every corner of the world, so no need to re-hash all that.

It kept me very busy with current patients, new patients, and trying to navigate a global pandemic WHILE providing support to these patients (what we have now termed “parallel processing”)

I had a period in the summer of ’21 where I had some time to kill, but the thought of writing a book about ANYTHING therapy just felt like it would burn me out. Yet, we’ve been told “Write what you know”… did I ever mention I’ve been on a Paranormal Investigation Team since 2009?

No…yeah, I’ve probably been too busy. Paranormal North Carolina is written, edited, registered, and has a publisher.

Yay! So that and insane work schedule has been my pandemic experience. Would like to make this a series, so we’ll see how long this pandemic goes (hopefully not much longer).

Stay safe and healthy and thanks for following a blog that gets updated every two years. (let’s try for once a month)


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