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No, we can’t cancel Christmas this year.

I’ve been hearing this A LOT this year from colleagues, clients, random people in the street.  This idea of canceling Christmas isn’t new.  There’s a movie about it, and even when I googled “Cancel Christmas” to fact check that there was indeed a movie about it, my hits were all blog posts “Why We Canceled …


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An Open Letter to Children of Combat Veterans (take 2)

Happy 4th of July Weekend! I remember being a child and loving this weekend.  It was the best weekend of summer!  I was already well established into my sleeping in late/staying up late, lounging around, playing outside and swimming schedule, so 4th of July just meant parties!  Parties and Fireworks- and food! There will be …

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Dad’s 75th Birthday Extravaganza (and — I did a 5K and lived to tell about it!)

All of my friends and colleagues that are familiar with my Facebook habits (documenting my life, step by step via Facebook) always say “you’re so busy” or “you never sit still on the weekends!”.  Looking at my Facebook, one would THINK that, but I will tell you what it actually is.  I seem to have …

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A Salute to Veterans

When Facebook became really popular and we started posting messages on holidays, I tried to post on Veterans Day, tagging all of my friends and family that were Vets.  I had too many.  So I decided that this year, I would do a blog post.  This is just honoring my family, but I have many, …

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