A Salute to Veterans

When Facebook became really popular and we started posting messages on holidays, I tried to post on Veterans Day, tagging all of my friends and family that were Vets.  I had too many.  So I decided that this year, I would do a blog post.  This is just honoring my family, but I have many, many friends that are Vets too.

Please feel free to add your name, or the names of special Veterans in the comment section.

Thank you to all Veterans for all of their sacrifices.

Barbara Garcia 1974-2004 (mom)
Juan “Joe” Garcia 1961-1984  Vietnam (dad)
Emma Garcia (sister)
Michael Demko Sr  WWII (maternal grandfather) RIP
Jeff Demko  OIF (cousin)
Mike Ernst  Operation Joint Endeavor, OIF/OEF (cousin)
Franklin “Bill” Ernst  Desert Storm, OIF (uncle)
Scott Wells  Desert Storm, Operation Joint Endeavor (cousin)
Manual “Memmy” Garcia  Korea (uncle) RIP
Michael Muroski (uncle, Godfather) RIP
Santos “Rod” Rodriguez  Vietnam (like a father) RIP

Air Force-
Armando Nunez  Desert Storm (husband)
Armando “Ray” Nunez Sr  Vietnam (father in law) RIP
Michael Demko Jr  (uncle)
Fransisco Garcia (uncle)
Sara Wellman  OIF/OEF (cousin)
Jon Wellman  OIF/OEF (cousin)
Jerry Sanders (brother in law)
Lorelei Sandoval (cousin)
Robbie Sandoval (cousin)
Juan “Nayo” Saenz (uncle) RIP
Please also remember all of our Veterans that have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Know that 22 Veterans a day are taking their own life.  That is an epidemic that needs just as much attention, if not more, as Ebola.

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