Talking about Writing again—Where?

I had a friend ask me today  “how can you write in a coffee shop, around all of those people?”

It gave me pause for a minute. I never thought about NOT writing here. I only think of the places I can’t write:  my house, my office, my front porch.  There are just too many distractions at home and work.  My front porch is pretty and would totally make a great spot for writing if 1) I wasn’t terrified of bugs  2) we didn’t have an outdoor cat that is very needy and clingy.  I envision him sitting on my laptop.

The other place I’m pretty successful is the library.  CERTAIN libraries.  I live in a county that has an awesome library system, so there are many locations to choose from. I prefer the smaller, quieter ones.

So where do you write?  Can you write anywhere?  I still have a hard time considering myself a writer, and I treat writing as a patient.  I schedule it in for Wednesday mornings.  I can force myself to write, whether I want to or not, because writing is my 10-1pm “patient”.

Distractions are another topic for another time 🙂

Comment below on your favorite place or places to write.


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